Why choose us as your trusted partner?

We handle the ‘grunt work’ to let you focus on what you do best

We understand how competitive and fast paced today’s world can be for service professionals, in fact, our very core is designed around this module. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are currently being forced to wear most if not all hats in their small business to keep costs down and streamline efficiency. The downside to this practice is that you get overstretched. As you try to cover all the bases, you end up doing shoddy work at every level of your business hence losing on quality jobs.

We will help you get the next job and many others in future

Besides running around delivering material to the job, doing the actual work, negotiating with the customers, and keeping track of the paperwork, the biggest headache for home service pro’s is looking for their next job. We connect you with large pool of well paying customers that need your services in your state.

A free and easy registration process

The registration process is very simple and straight forward; all you need to do is to create your account and then set up your professional profile. This acts as the portfolio for the jobs you have completed, experience, and skills. You will not be required to pay any annual fees, membership fees or any other kind of strings attached fees. You only pay a small fee for the jobs you wish to bid on.

Help you create solid reviews and testimonials for your service

Your clients can leave a rating and feedback about your services which will go a long way in winning the customer’s trust to drive service requests.

We help you solve the greatest entrepreneurs challenge: Marketing

Having set up your professional profile, you will receive email notifications when there is a new job available in your location or rather field of expertise. Thus, instead of spending all day scouring project boards and sending futile sale pitches, the jobs will come to you.

An easy and effective way to run your business

The jobs posted have a brief description, possible pictures and price the home owner is willing to pay. If you see a job that piques your interest and is in your strong suit, then you simply click on it, pay the small upfront bid fee and either accept the home owners initial offering or offer a counter bid.

The beauty of our platform is that besides helping you find well paying customers, we do not confine you to conduct the rest of the business on our website. Moreover, once you have established a working relationship with the client, you no longer have use our site to get future projects from the client.

Registration Requirements

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