How It Works Understanding how our project board works

This provides an overview of how our Innovative Bidding Project Board works, bear in mind we are constantly tweaking the details to maximize potential and user experience for homeowners and service providers alike...

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Select a project category that best matches your home repair or improvement need
We'll ask you a few important questions to ensure we're able to match you to the right pro for your job Post a picture and a brief description of the scope of work to be done
Enter a price point you feel is fair for both you and the service professional.
Your project will populate onto a project board where services pros who specialize in your posted trade
will accept your offer, counter offer or even offer a price below your asking price to obtain your job. has licensed service professionals specializing in all home improvement trades

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Get Bids:

You'll receive bids from pre-screened, licensed/registered home improvement pros in your state. You can choose from best prices offered or decide based upon their customer rating and reviews Your matched service pros provide the specific service you need and are available now, you just need to click the hire button once you decide whom you are most comfortable with. You can use our instant messenger service to ask further questions or gain further clarity on your project before you choose to hire a specific professional on our site. We strongly encourage the use of our instant messenger to hash the details to minimize confusion or ill will moving forward, as one knows the devil can lurk in the details.

Get Connected:

As soon as your hired request is processed, your information is sent to your hired Service Pro shortly after receiving your hired request, they'll contact you to discuss your project if you prefer, you can contact them at your convenience

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