Backed by his 24 years of experience as a home service provider, he set out on a mission; to make the process of hiring home service pros easier. Currently, thousands of homeowners use the U-Bidit platform to obtain estimates and find the right professional for their projects.

Homeowners no longer have to worry about whether the pros are licensed, insured, have enough experience, whether they will respond in time or whether they will charge exorbitant fees. This is because we have vetted each service provider before we allow them to advertise their business on our site.

What really gets us out of bed each morning is the fact that we are providing homeowners and service providers the best experience possible. We achieve this by tearing down the barriers of mistrusts, allowing both parties to form strong working relationships now and for the future as well.

Having been a home service provider for 24 years, the founder of U-Bidit had seen it all. One sad thing he discovered is that despite being in the era of instant-everything, it was still hard for homeowners to hire a plumber, an electrician or any other home service provider. Typically, you waste up to an entire day searching, scanning reviews, making calls to compare prices and vetting home service professionals. You also often have to wait another half day for the professional to respond to your emergency! When the professional finally shows up to get the job done, you get served with a huge bill that leaves you in shock.

On the other hand, there are a great number of lead generation companies cropping up overnight. Their major goal is to make a quick buck without offering value to the customer. These companies trick homeowners into filling out questionnaires about improvement projects and then sell this information as leads to contractors for profit. The founder has not only endured this unreliable process but has also been a victim of such bogus games played by the lead generation sites.

Homeowners can either contact pro’s directly through U-Bidit to obtain estimates or they can post their project/repair on our unique project board for pros to view and accept. We value the privacy of our users. Homeowners contact information is kept concealed when they post their project on our project board. Their contact info will only be sent to the provider they hire! Both parties (homeowners & providers) handle all their business arrangements outside of our platform and do not need to use U-Bdit again to maintain their relationship.

Beyond a Service

At U-Bidit, we are offering more than a service. We are transforming the community by leveling the playing field such that even small businesses have a fair chance of succeeding.