Posted 12/06/2023

Navigating the Holidays Stress-Free with

Navigating the Holidays Stress-Free with

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of festive cheer can sometimes be accompanied by an unexpected burden of stress and a growing checklist of to-dos. To delve deeper into the sentiments surrounding the holiday season, we conducted a survey involving more than 1,000 Americans*, exploring their traditions, stressors, and the challenges associated with hosting during this magical time of the year.

Stress: The Uninvited Guest

Despite the enchanting imagery of snowfalls and cozy moments by the fireplace, our survey revealed that a substantial 58% of Americans feel stressed about the holidays. For those taking on the role of hosts, the stress level escalates even further, reaching nearly 70%. It's clear that amidst the joy, there's a significant undercurrent of anxiety that needs addressing.

Unexpected Culprits: Cleaning, Organizing, and Hosting

Beyond the expected stressors like gift-giving, the survey unearthed some surprising revelations. A striking one in four respondents identified getting their homes ready— encompassing tasks like cleaning and organizing—as their top holiday stressor. Following closely, hosting events and decorating homes were reported as stressors by 11% and 10% of respondents, respectively. Your Stress-Relief Partner

Enter, your stress-relief partner for the holidays. This year, homeowners are embracing the festive spirit with bold decorations and extravagant parties. Yet, amidst the holiday hustle, homeowners deserve to enjoy the season without fretting over every detail of their homes. is here to bridge the gap. Say goodbye to the stress of decorating, organizing, and last-minute home improvement projects. Our platform connects you with local reputable handymen who can transform your space into a winter wonderland. Need HVAC maintenance to ensure the winter cold doesn't overshadow the joys of the season? has you covered with licensed HVAC technicians.

By relying on, homeowners can delegate the tasks that steal the joy from the holidays, allowing everyone to focus on the wonder-filled moments with friends and family. This season, let be your partner in turning the holidays from a stress-inducing marathon into a joyous celebration.

Enjoy a stress-free and wonder-filled holiday season with




Watch out for procrastination when hosting for the holidays.

44% of Americans plan to host family and friends this year for the holiday season and of those, 23% will be hosting for the first time ever. Those who’ve hosted before know it can feel like a daunting task when considering all of the different elements