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There's No Sign-Up or Membership fees to Join our site, don't delay and get started today creating a FREE Business Listing with us! We do not charge Lead fees to Service Providers, for we are not a Lead Generation Service. Thousands of homeowners visit our site looking to hire reputable contractors for their home improvement projects/repairs. Create a FREE business listing on our site and homeowners can contact you directly at no cost to you. If you’re tired of wasting money on advertising or paying for cold weak leads that rarely result in work, learn how u-bidit can help. There's no sign-up or annual membership fees, get started today creating a FREE business listing with us!

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We do not charge lead fees to service providers, for we are not a lead generation service. Homeowners who visit our site searching for a home service provider, can either contact pro's directly from their business profile or they can list their project/repair needed on our unique project board for service providers to view. Providers who sign-up to create a FREE Business Listing will also have access to our project board to view available projects.

Business Listing Profile

This is how business listing profiles appear on our app. When a homeowner clicks on a service providers business listing profile they can view additional business information and more photos of your work.


If you have ever paid for leads before, you quickly realize they are sub-par at best and were sold to several other contractors at the same time. If you didn’t respond to these leads right away, then chances are you missed your opportunity or discovered an angry homeowner tired of the contractors calling them. Most of these so-called leads are never qualified, they are simply homeowners window shopping who simply came across an online construction questionnaire click bait ad. Once the homeowner fills out the questionnaire, that information is then captured and sold to contractors as a lead. These days there are more contractors out there now than ever looking for work and being taken advantage of by these unethical lead companies. Increasingly, these lead generation businesses are popping up every day. They are solely out for financial gain and never have the contractors’ best interests in mind. Well not anymore!

U-bidit.com was founded by a contractor who has over 24 years ‘experience in the home improvement business and realized a need for an honest platform to help advocate for Home Service Providers. U-bidit does just that with a no-nonsense intuitive design while at the same time offering peace of mind to homeowners that they are hiring quality businesses. At U-bidit, we take quality assurance very serious as our reputation depends on it, we only approve reputable Home Service providers who not only take pride in their work but, stand behind it!

How We Are Different:

Let me be very clear and succinct, we don’t sell leads. Why? Because, we are not a lead generation site! We have real projects posted by real homeowners! Our site features a one of a kind unique project board, which is better aligned for contractors who want a no-nonsense approach to obtaining more work. Our project board is where homeowner’s have the option to list projects or repairs they need done along with a budgeted price they can afford for contractors to view. Contractors can choose to accept the posting as is if they feel the price listed is fair or choose to place a higher bid on what they would want to do the job for. If the homeowner is comfortable with the price the contractor offered them, they can decide to hire the contractor. The homeowner’s contact information is only sent to the contractor they hired and no one else, it is then up to the hired contractor to get in touch with the homeowner to schedule the job. Both parties (Homeowner & Service Provider) handle all their arrangements such as contracts, materials, timetables, and payments outside of our platform and do not need to use u-bidit.com again to keep up their relationship in the future. Homeowners pay service providers directly for their services, we do not charge hidden fees or commissions on the agreed price! After all, you did the work not us, so why should we be entitled to your hard-earned money...

We consider it to be a privilege to be a part of our platform, the following criteria must be met to be approved:

  • Must be registered or licensed in your trade if your state requires it
  • Must be fully insured
  • Must have no pending or past judgements against your business
  • Must be willing to work with the homeowner to resolve any differences that may arise
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check


If you’re a newer business just starting out and are looking to grow your business quickly with less effort then be sure to utilize our Project Board. Build your customer base faster and accept jobs that are available in your area for the price you agree that’s fair. Our innovative project board saves business owners time, money and effort as opposed to traveling and estimating a dozen or so prospective leads only to end up with 1 or 2 jobs…
The project Board is not only designed for new businesses, more established companies can also benefit from it the same.

Please Note: Our Project Board is FREE to view and ask job comment questions to homeowners who List the Jobs, however If a service provider wishes to accept the job or place a bid, there Is a small fee to pay. Though We did make it as cheap as possible, 80% of the jobs listed have a fee of only $5 to accept or Bid on. This component is there for service providers to use at their discretion, they can use it as often or as little as they like or don't use it all.

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Our Aim

We value service providers and consider them to be our greatest asset and backbone of our reputation. our mission is to form alliances with them and help them run their small business with much more efficiency.